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TRISTAR provides the Customer, from a partnership viewpoint, with management which ensures high levels of skills, expertise and reliability, together with constant assistance throughout each phase of the job:


  • Tailor made study for specific project in order to meet Customers’ needs

  • Mather Train from plant to plant but also with fingers/stop and go to others destinations

  • Block trains from Nord Europe plant to Italian terminal in order to provide local distributions

  • Combine the safest, most suitable and competitive solutions to achieve the specific logistic problems of the client;

  • Provide “All In “service:

 -  the equipment, maintenance test and cleaning,

 -  the transport planning with daily track & trace and all   documentation needed

 -  deliver to the Terminal, storage of the Goods and distribution to the final costumers

 - setting-up telematic information service.

TRISTAR is the ideal partner

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